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ya'll wrong t-town is tacoma, wa, straight up
watch ya mouth when you talk about that t-town
by schelene April 27, 2005
63 87
Tulsa, Oklahoma known by this name in the 1970s
by sooze August 27, 2003
35 59
Tampa,Florida and only Tampa Florida

Tuscon Arizona does not qualify to be called T-Town
Me: I'm from T-Town
G: Tuscon?
Me: Fuck no, Tuscon is softer than a tissue
G: just trickin' Tampa u guys go Hard
by Glitche February 27, 2009
12 37
T-town is an abbriviated forn of Tampa, Florida. I guess it it could be any town or city that begins with the letter T, so, it's a universial name for a city or town beginig with the letter T. No T-town is better than any other T-town
Jen: Where you going on vacation, Gramma?
Gramma: We are going to see friends that retired to T-town
Jen: Which T-town, Gram?
Gramma:Tampa- the finest of all T-towns, you should know better, young lady!
Jen: Sweet! Will you get me a t-shirt, please?
Gramma: Of course, sweetie.
by ms.hahne August 09, 2006
40 65
these nigs got it all wrong. T - Town is TUCSON AZ. Fo shizzle.
gangsta 1: yo g u wnana hit up p town
gangsta 2: fuck no u ho p town if pussies and thats y u r a wussy
by Jizzy B May 11, 2005
29 59
Tacoma, Washington. U.S.A
Betty: "Where are you from?"
Joe: "T-Town"
Betty: "Oh, I'm sorry."
by Darin September 21, 2005
29 60
An abbriviation for the impossibly hard to spell town to spell and say in Illinois. Teutopolis.
Person 1: Hey who we playin' tonight?
Person 2: T-Town
Person 1: The Wooden Shoes?
by Nichole S September 19, 2006
9 43