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Happens when a person running (note: not a runner) runs with their arms tucked into their armpits and forgets to swing them in stride. Their arms look tiny and they look like a big goofy T-Rex.
Wow, that poor guy clomped by with t-rex syndrome. I could hear him from the other side of the street.
by metalpizza July 10, 2006
The affliction suffered by someone who had an excessive workout the previous day, focusing on the arm muscles, and are now suffering extreme pains, leaving them to tuck in their arms all day to stay comfortable.
Too much gym yesterday left me with a major case of T-rex syndrome
by d00shbish January 15, 2010
People who have got hands and arms. But are to rich to try do something basic ( Like wiping their own ass ) on their own.
like T-rex that can't use their arms.
Here phone my service provider....
I can't pick up my phone... I am to lazy... ( can't use his effin T-rex arms.) He has got T-Rex Syndrome
by Dark_seth July 13, 2010
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