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A legend. Known to be able to defeat large numbers of enemies with a breeze. Szymon is also known to be able to take on whole armies single handedly. A true spartan by any standard. This is the real name of master chief himself. Szymon has also notably higher intelligence levels paired with incredibly fast reflexes. Is capable of getting any girl he wants and pleasures her to the maximum. Has an extremely huge penis. Szymon is also used to describe a person who is a legendary figure or simply a sign of perfection or badass. All the girls love him and his sexual assets and skills. Simply put, a pure legend.
'Omfg, that guy is such a szymon bulik'

'Dude did you hear what he has done? He is a szymon bulik for doing it'

'Wow you've got an iq of a 490? You must be a szymon bulik then'

'How come you keep getting laid?'
'Must be cos I'm 100% a szymon'
by spartanz117 April 28, 2013
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