A term used after someone sparks a blunt, bowl, joint, bong, etc., in order to call the second hit of that bowl pack.
Yo nigga I call syphs!
by The Whitness October 19, 2010
Top Definition
He came back from Tangier with a bad case a da syph.
by Cornholio October 22, 2003
A South African slang word used when something is disgusting. Derived from the word syphilis.
That boil on your ass is pretty syph dude.
by September Kaufman April 07, 2011
exc. short for "Shut your pie hole!"
Hey, cut the jibba-jabba. SYPH, n00b!
by Omni November 14, 2003
a skanky bum fucker from Phoenix
hey syph have ya got your welfare check yet ?
by coffemateus friend January 13, 2004
Shut Your Pie Hole
SYPH, I didn't know you got engaged!
by nodecaf September 17, 2014

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