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A term used after someone sparks a blunt, bowl, joint, bong, etc., in order to call the second hit of that bowl pack.
Yo nigga I call syphs!
by The Whitness October 19, 2010
12 2
He came back from Tangier with a bad case a da syph.
by Cornholio October 22, 2003
28 7
A South African slang word used when something is disgusting. Derived from the word syphilis.
That boil on your ass is pretty syph dude.
by September Kaufman April 07, 2011
11 4
exc. short for "Shut your pie hole!"
Hey, cut the jibba-jabba. SYPH, n00b!
by Omni November 14, 2003
14 19
a skanky bum fucker from Phoenix
hey syph have ya got your welfare check yet ?
by coffemateus friend January 13, 2004
10 17