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Noun. Any word that gives the listener(s) a radical feeling so much so that something happens within their body that is expressed in an obnoxious and physical manner.
When Daniel says the word "tulip" to Gabby, Gabby sneezes.
"Tulip" would be Gabby's synonymoplaglockogyn.

Anytime someone says "tractor" to Steven, a pimple grows instantly on Steven's face.

Everytime Jimmy says the word "hammer" to Andrew, Andrew wets himself. "Hammer" would be Andrew's synonymoplaglockogyn.

When Ashley says "reindeer" to Angela, Angela orgasms and then faints. "Reindeer" would be Angela's synonymoplaglockogyn.

Anytime the word "bamboo" is said in Jacob's presence, he has seizure. "Bamboo" would be Jacob's synonymoplaglockogyn.
by Josh Fishbein February 09, 2008

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