The idea that combined parts have properties that are more or less that the sum of the parts. The negative-sum version is sometimes called dysergy, leaving synergy to mean only beneficial effects.
the drugs worked in synergy with each other to fight the cancer. heh. cancer.
by vodka June 02, 2004
the interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects
you may have a skilled hand, but good sexual synergy will always top separate masterbation
by rorodlam June 02, 2004
What you need enough of to go mess around with the neighbors wife after working three double shifts.
I really wanted to go make out with my neighbors wife but I just didn't have the synergy to make my way over there.
by Sublingual September 28, 2009
A line of composite ice hockey sticks manufactured by Easton. They range from low end sticks to high end sticks. The current sticks available in this line are the SyNergy Elite,the SyNergy ST, the SyNergy 300, and the SyNergy 350. There is also a SyNergy II which is a shaft and a blade.
I snapped my SyNergy yesterday while playing ice hockey.
by _fitz September 15, 2007
An absolutely unbelieveably amazing dance show that took place April 25th 2009, many people took part and it was actually incredible! Your life was wasted if you didn't see it!
We performed in Synergy last night and we kicked ass!
by Smylerr April 26, 2009
aspirin and vitamin are synergistic when given to a patient
medications used for synergy
by jdsouza February 25, 2005
Duh, synergy, combined action or operation. In a 'New Economy' sense, it refers different companies or technologies combining in 'innovative' ways to make everything better. Go team!
Speech recognition and interpretation software combined with camera-enabled cell phones can create an opportunity for instantaneous translation. All this synergy is making me cream my pants.
by Benjamin Fatbody June 03, 2004
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