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The act of having sex with someone as a consoling gesture, immediately after breaking up with them.

The true purpose is to allow you a safe window of opportunity for collecting your property from their house.

(This generally occurs within an hour or two of the breakup, but it can sometimes qualify as a sympathy-fuck even a few days later if circumstances are extremely bad)
After I dumped that bitch she went psycho. I had to throw a sympathy-fuck on her just to get away with my CD's and my coat!
by ++Captain Tripps++ December 04, 2003
When you have sex with someone just to cheer them up. Most often in cases of boredom. Comes with no strings attached or emotional investment.
Guy 1: Why did you have sex with Jill?

Guy 2: I was bored and her dog just died.

Guy 1: Oh, so it was a sympathy fuck.
by creativedude92 May 17, 2011
When a girl has sex with a guy because she feels sorry for him. This can be a boyfriend that she is no longer interested in or a guy who follows her around with sad puppy dog eyes.
Girl 1: I had sex with Dylan because I felt sorry for him. I hope he will go away and leave me alone, now.

Girl 2: What? You gave him a Sympathy Fuck? He is going to stalk you now!
by Vanilla Cat October 22, 2013