When a guy sees or hears of another man taking significant damage to the crotch, and crosses his legs because the mere thought of such pain makes his genitals feel either vulnerable or uncomfortable.
We were watching a horror movie, and when the killer took out a pair of plyers and went for the guy's crotch, every male in the room crossed his legs. We were all feeling sympathy pain for the guy.
by Timstuff June 10, 2010
Top Definition
a big pain you have when your spouse is having the same pain at the same time.
OH SHIT!! I'm having a baby!!!

Boyfriend: SO AM I!!!
by Kitty December 26, 2003
When someone you love is in pain and you are in pain because you love them so much. In other words, When the person you love..(your sould mate)..Is in pain..and you are in the same type of pain because you have sympathy for them.
My boyfriend and I are sick and having the same symptoms as each other..I think I am having sympathy pains for him.
by Kitty December 26, 2003
You physically feel pain in the same area when a person; describes what it feels like, talks about it excessively, tells you how they got the pain or just (in rare cases) are around you.
She keeps talking about her shattered knee cap and now my knee hurts, I must be having some kind of sympathy pain.
by heartthekillers June 06, 2013
A kind of phantom pain experienced by someone watching a dude getting nailed in the junk.
Hey, what are you doing? And why are your legs crossed like that?
Oh god... That had to hurt...
What had to hurt?
Don't worry about it... It's not something a woman would understand...
What are you talking about?
...sympathy pain....
by H4v0k December 25, 2011

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