When one guy sees another walking down the street w/ an ill concealed boner, the following ?????? steps occur:
1. Guy 1 sees the unfortunate boner
2. Guy 1 thinks about why Guy 2 might have this boner
3. Guy 1 thinks about the things that might make this happen to him, too
4. Guy 1 stubbles across an arousing memory or idea
5. Wham-o, sympathy boner.
Guy 2: *boner*
Guy 1: Aww that sucks *sympathy boner*
by ThatsOneL November 25, 2009
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Top Definition
Something males (mostly) get when they attempt to console a female who has recently found out about an unfaithful mate.
Sarah: I can't believe he cheated on me. Uh, what's that?

Daniel: It's a sympathy boner. Come get a hug.
by howoriginal February 26, 2014

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