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To spray cum all over someones face then take your right thumb and draw a rainbow shaped mark with the cum on the persons forehead. There after the person must say "symba!"
Aarom came on her face and symbaed her.
by Buck Fitch April 12, 2011
13 7
1. An awesome, amazing person, who loves sandbox games such as Minecraft Terraria. ~as stated by Dustin Harris. Not to be referenced to Simba from the movie The Lion King.
1. I love symba! she is the best person ever in the history of people i have ever met!
2. John i such a symba guy!
by dmhzmxn November 12, 2013
1 0
Basically symba is Cya in a bit
Right im off, Symba!!
by Kirstee,.x September 26, 2007
3 12