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an ass kisser
John Howard is such a sycophant
by Trip June 06, 2003
someone who kisses ass to get ahead in life, often claiming positions above hardworking people.
I told the boss he had a nice ass and now i'm a partner.
by p.Diddy Poppa Nox July 27, 2003
1. Suck Up
2. Sonny Maeng
God I hate Sonny...what a sycophant ass n***a
by OSoNe.StalCaT January 16, 2010
One who blatantly kisses as to get ahead, especially at work.
Dude, did you see Chuck Davidenko in Rod's office the other day? What a f*****g sycophant!
by dangdude September 13, 2011
Modernised definition: "Ass kisser".

One who "sucks up" to another to achieve personal gain.
Dude One: "Oh my gawd did you see John yesterday with the boss?"

Dude Two: "Sycophantic fag."

Dude One: "I complimented the boss and got a raise!"
Dude Two: "Filthy sycophant..."
by Paradox. April 12, 2010
A psychopathic cousin of the elephant.
Whoa! That's a huge sycophant! Look how crazy it is!
by psychophant December 10, 2009
False idol worshiper, money grubbing, ass kissing, dirt bags who think they're better than other people when they're actually the scum of the earth.
Wow, those Jews who killed Jesus were sycophants. They only cared about money, and political power. Jesus stood in the way of their greed so they put him on a cross and killed him!
by blackandred January 22, 2010
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