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Basically "sycophant" and "fanatic" smushed together. Therefore, a sycofanatic is a person who is a fanatic suck-up, like a super suck-up.
Coined by Keith Buckley of the band Every Time I Die.
Concede him the microphone let him sing the triumph of the frauds to all his loyal sycofanatics.

Justin Timberlake: Damn! I got ketchup on my brand new kicks!
14-year old female fan(from out of nowhere): DON'T WORRY JT!! I'LL LICK IT OFF!! (licks it off ketchup, savoring each lick, then attempts to chew off his lace as a souvenir)
JT: WTF? Don't be such a sycofanatic.
by G.G. June 14, 2007
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