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Its an abbreviation for Study Your Ass Off.which means "Study Hard".
usually used while texting and can be used analogous to "ciao"
ok!u better do the last five chapters by tomorrow.syao!

you flunked the last test,you better syao for this one.
by zwiik March 06, 2009
Spam Your Ass Off...
Spamming Your Ass Off...
Timmy069: What are you doing?
Spamtaro: I'm S.Y.A.O. (Spamming your ass off)

Timmy: What will you do if i don't post???
Robert420360: I will S.Y.A.O. (Spam Your Ass Off)
Robert420360: S.T.F.U. !
by Lucho May 31, 2006
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