Squalid, ignoble or filthy.
Bubba heard Reginald call him sworded and wondered how he knew that he was carrying a pocket knife.
by harry flashman July 29, 2003
Top Definition
To have a long, sharp object penetrate you to deadly effect. Especially by a pixellated knight on a certain one-armed dragon.

Also see arrowed
"Stupid friggin' knights!"
by KHD September 25, 2003
done for. Ruined. Wrecked.

"Man, if i don't have those sales figures in by tomorrow, I'm sworded."
by Sparkina1967 October 14, 2005
Verb - to be impaled by a sword.
Originally coined by StrongBad, character featured on homestarrunner.com, in the game "Trogdor the Burninator"
ex: "Trogdor the Burninator was sworded mightily by a knight in shining armor."
by Misfit September 13, 2003
Killing something
Trogdor was Sworded by the knight.
by Lizard King March 17, 2003
Of a lady or a gay guy, having had sex
"I got sworded last night!"
by Sparki October 05, 2003
to be struck with a sword and killed
"Oh dear Troy you have been sworded"
by J tre December 04, 2003
A run-together word: " it is worded"
The Reverend Bob pounded the pulpit and said, "Sworded rat cheer in the Bible..."
by nilpferd August 11, 2003
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