Sweaty breasts.
Whoah i sure got some bad swoobies from tickling my friends pickle.
#sweaty #boobies #breasts #swoob #moist #wet
by stiffytheplank November 29, 2011
Top Definition
to have sweaty boobies
Using sun tan oil will make your ninnies look like swoobies.
#ninnies #oobies #ta-tas #chesties #naples
by Wadeskie June 23, 2006
swooby - Appealing or pleasing, especially visually. May be specifically used to describe something organic, fractal, or colorful in nature.
e.g., When Team Sonique announced the development of Version 2, they included in their list of features a user interface engine that can be used to create swooby visuals.
by Paul Peavyhouse October 03, 2003
A mixture of sweat and boobs. Visible around the chest area.
Hey, that chicks got swoobies.
by wanger April 07, 2005
(swoo-bee) - noun, plural - bies

A term used for one who has "side boobs" instead of the normal "man boob" term. Side boobs are located just underneath the armpit and interfere with the shape of one's pectoral muscles. Swoobies can develop by themselves or in conjunction with the preexisting "man boobs."

Originates From: the Latin word - Swooboobies
Acceptable Alternate Versions: Swoops, Swoobs, or when making fun of someone w/ side boobs it is acceptable to use the name Lil' Swoobs.
"Bro, I took that bitch's shirt off and her swoobies were bigger than her boobies...I was like 'Oh hell naw!'"

"Ahh shit son you need to shave your swoobies...REAL TALK!" (clap clap)
#swoops #swoob #swoobs #side boobs #boobies #boob #man tits #man boobs #jugs
by OJ53 December 02, 2010
Sweat in between Boobs
It's so hot out-I have Swooby!
#swooby #boob #sweat #hot #gross
by dshelly April 30, 2009
A soft and often aesthetically appealing cobweb found indoors and generally considered harmless. A swooby is distinct from a cobweb only when it is appreciated by the observer and considered to be somewhat enjoyable.
I could sweep away that swooby, but I would miss the way it hangs over the bookshelf.
#cobweb #spider web #web #dust bunny #halloween
by merlot_moto June 09, 2008
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