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A general term for when one goes to the gym to tone their muscles, particularly referencing the bicep and pectoral regions of the body. The term can be further used to generalize any form of working out that stresses muscle hypertrophy, particularly that which fosters muscle growth with a goal of making a male more attractive to potential mates. This form of physical activity may be undertaken to express frustrations with work, women, or any form of extraneous stress.

Commonly used with the prepositional phrase as follows: "Gettin' swollz on." Also, used as an adjective to describe things that make you want to work out to relieve stress in the case of the phrase "swollz fuel." The phrase is commonly used in close proximity to the interjectory or exclamatory question, "ya digg??" The word/accompanying phrases is/are often capitalized to stress its importance to everyday life.
"Imma bout to go to the gym to get my swollz on wit pops, ya digg??"

"Hella Swollz gonna get got 2morrow, yall...ya digg??"
by drDave July 01, 2013
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Slang for 'swollen'. Usually used to describe an erect penis.
Dat bitch is so hot, she got my dick on swollz.
by Lord Bling September 07, 2007
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