chemically laced cigarette - cigarette dipped in formaldahyde, crack residues, pcp, etc
"the swizzle stick burned with a strange white flame when i ignited it and took a drag."
by chronos May 27, 2004
A person that starts a discussion on a volatile topic such as politics or religion, and then withdraws from the conversation. The phrase comes from using a swizzle stick to stir a drink and then pulling it out.
Hahaha. That Joe was such a swizzle stick today. He walked into the break room and asked us what we thought about the election and then walked out.
by ebaconjr October 21, 2008
1) female equivalent of a swuzzle stick. 2) a woman who is obsessed with all aspects of her physical appearance to the point it is absolutely ridiculous.

They are most commonly seen in California and New York. Regardless of they admit it or not, they enjoy plastic surgery and anything that requires altering their looks for the "better".

3) someone who has had so much plastic surgery that they look plastic and stiff.
Katie is suck a swizzle stick. I swear this woman is so obsessed with her looks and her weight. She's had so much work done that she looks like a piece of plastic.
by Maisie M. December 24, 2006
1. funny
2. an expression of uncotrolled anger; rage
1. saw swizzlestick. without laughing
by Wyatt & Erick January 21, 2004

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