Named for their association with their male counterpart the SWIZZLECAP, the SWIZZLESTICK is a common variety of female seen in trendy clubs, overpriced restaurants and suburban shopping malls worldwide. Instantly recognizable by her utterly conformist grooming habits, the early 21st century SWIZZLESTICK usually wears her straightened hair in a ponytail, dresses in non-threatening colors like beige and tan, and very possibly owns a pair of furry boots. Known for their exceptionally irritating voices, even a small gathering of SWIZZLESTICKS in a shop or restaurant can sometimes result in earaches, nausea and crippling migraines for bystanders within a 30 foot radius. Perhaps the most prized characteristic of SWIZZLESTICKS is how easily they can be replaced: if a SWIZZLECAP gets dumped by his SWIZZLESTICK girlfriend, he knows he need only visit his neighborhood sports bar to find an near-exact replica of her.
My last boyfriend wasn't interested in dating a woman with a brain or a real personality. After me, he hooked up with some SWIZZLESTICK.
by Dr. Clare Cunliffe January 01, 2006
Top Definition
the use of ones cock head to stimulate the pussy by way of sparatic motion concentrated mainly in the clitoral region.
My cousin danny was kinda with this chick and he swizzle sticked her. But then his brother, my cousin joe swizzle sticked the shit out of her. She loved it but she wouldnt let him creap the head in.
by theguzmaine November 16, 2005
the male penis
also used for pimps and man whores
He's swizzle stick was so big.
by Bo March 18, 2005
A prank to pull on your friends at a bar or restaurant. When they go to the bathroom, take their drink, and dip your penis in it and stir the drink. Put the drink back where it was and after they come back and finish it, you tell them it was a swizzle stick.
I was at Denny's the other day and I saw Shawn give Alex a swizzle stick. It was funny and gross.
by Joseph Schneider October 03, 2007
to rub ones penis all over an object.
"If V weren't so cool, i'd go and swizzlestick her desk next chance i had."

by booger74 April 20, 2009
the sneaky act of stirring a friends drink by dipping your penis into the glass and stirring whilst their drink is unattended and then proceeding to watch them consume the tainted the beverage
when Tom swizzle sticked Kane's beverare, he had no idea he was drinking a beverage tainted with penis
by swizzlicious March 16, 2011
a stick worth of an adjective.

often used because you are at a lost for a real adjective; speechless

The word originated from a tall bulky white man that may be confused as Drago from Rocky. Created in New Orleans it was established and made public in College Station.
Stop trying to touch my swizzle stick Randy!
by Weekend Wildman's Sidekick December 31, 2009
chemically laced cigarette - cigarette dipped in formaldahyde, crack residues, pcp, etc
"the swizzle stick burned with a strange white flame when i ignited it and took a drag."
by chronos May 27, 2004
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