The word that is yelled when 2 guys are double-teaming a girl and they decide to change places.
When Jason and Joey got bored with Connie, they gave each other a hive five and yelled "Switch!"
by Mike Payne March 06, 2008
Top Definition
A person who vaccilates between dominant and submissive roles within sexual relations.
#1 Are you dom or sub?
#2 I like both. I'm switch.
by Dan Fox June 24, 2003
A flimsy tree branch used for whoopin' kids asses! Usually picked by the person who is about to get the ass whoopin'. Switch's grow on all trees and can be used if there is no belt or shoe around.
1. Grandma: Get yo' ass outside and go pick a switch cuz I'm bout to whip your ass for actin' a fool at school today.

2. You better not pick a small switch for your whoopin' becuz she'll send you back out to pick a bigger one.

3. Boy 1: What happen your your legs??
Boy 2: I got a whoppin' last night with a switch.
Boy 1: Damn, is that abuse?
Boy 2: Apparently my Mom does not think so.
by L-Breezy March 14, 2007
Pertaining to the activation of custom hydraulic suspensions, MORE LIKELY TO BE IN 64 chevy IMPALAS
Eazy:cos when i hit that switch im BOUNCIN' mo' bounce to tha ounce than im clownin'
by Andrew August 21, 2003
A classic Black (African American) term with a couple of meanings:

1. verb: to switch is to walk (or possibly dance) in a suggestive hip swaying motion.

2. noun: a switch is a whip made from a tree or bush branch for the purpose of discipline.
1. That freak thinks she's all that! Just look at how she switchin' down the street!

2. Boy! Go out and fetch me a switch so I can tan your hide.
by mojoman March 21, 2005
A person that plays both the Submissive and Dominating roles in a BDSM relationship.
"Damn, I just found out both Kevin and Natasha are Switches."
by Joshua Hewlett April 08, 2008
to turn nasty or change personality.
If he does that again I'm going to switch on him...
by Mazza February 05, 2005
When you do a skateboarding move in your unnatural stance.
ie. If your 'regular', do a 'goofy' trick. If your 'goofy' do a 'regular' trick.
"I switch flipped the water gap."
by Diego August 21, 2003
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