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A swiss guy on an international banking assignment living in NYC. Extremely good romancers who appreciate the fine things in life. Good in bed. Tipically a player. Some may have girlfriends back home. Usually not in the city for long but finds the time to romance enough women who coined this term.
"Last night I made out with a really hot swissie" or "Can I bring some swissies to your house party?"
by Karistocrat December 15, 2004
The currency used by all who are awesome and all who are Sweedish. It is recognized world wide for its high value and the fact it is one of the few modern currencies that is meticulusly held to a gold-standard. Swissies can be used in the United States, but only in the Towson Town Center, Harford County, MD, or anywhere else designated by the two chancellor of the USSSD (United States Swissie Spending Designators), Tim Pillienthal.

The current exchange rate from United States Dollars (USD) to Swiss Swissies (SSWI) is 1 USD to 3.5 SSWI.
-"Hey do you see those shoes over there?"
-"Yeah, they are bomber!"
-"I wonder how much they cost?"
-"Well, the tag says 50 dollars so that means they cost 175 Swissies."
by Chancellor Pillienthal May 01, 2010
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