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Two crazy girls from the beautiful eastern part of Switzerland. Even though they gave their hearts to green-white many years ago, they decided to be generous when their favourite footballer wandered off to a pretty island called Cyprus to play for AEL. Absolutely devastated by the sudden departure of number 8, they took a leap of faith and learned to love the colour combination of yellow and blue. It took a little getting used to, but after seeing the Limassol way of life with their own eyes, they were so amazed by that lovely city and its kind residents, that they decided to support two football clubs from then on.
some guy in yellow queuing for the toilet in Tsirio's Gate 3: "So who are you? You don't look much like from somewhere around here..."

MK + FS: "Well you're right; we're actually from Switzerland. We're here to see number 8 play and of course to support your team too!"

guy in yellow: "Alright, nice to meet you. It's good having some swiss AEL fans here! Make yourselves at home." :o)
by headwrecker January 02, 2011

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