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Swingling, an art form thought lost in the sands of time, was recently rediscovered alive and well on the upper East Side of NYC, thriving in the brain of The Swingler. Last practiced during the renaissance, Swingling is a delicate ballet of words that leaps to a new height with every more obscure reference. A master of Swingling is able to confound everyone in the room by making references to arcane subjects like rauchbier & bovine fistulation.
At a party last night, I swingled so hard that I discovered a link between the Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand and a Hot Carl.
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(v.)- To constantly try and prove you know more then anyone else around you. While you actually may even be right, the sheer fact that you incessantly have to prove it makes you the most annoying guy or gal in the room.
I told him about a new Czech beer I tried last night and began Swingling his own experiences in Prague and drinking fermented eskimo piss with Laplanders.

No one want to hear you Swingle about your trip to Vegas, we all know what happens there.
by Beer Vampire February 22, 2005
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