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The fact the regardless of what you have (a cold, a cough, or just don't show up to school)every person in the room accuses you of having swine flu or the fact that any sickness will now be referred to as Swine Flu to the common public.
GUY 1: *sneeze*

GUY 2: Bless You

GUY 1: Thanks man.

GUY 3: Ugh! Don't bless him! He has Swine Flu!

GUY 2: Ew! nuh uh!

CLASS: What!? Guy 1 HAs Swine Flu! RUNNNN!

GUY 2: Dudes, chill it's Probably just "Swine Faux"
by Xzjak May 07, 2009
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