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1. Getting really drunk; hammered, plastered, smashed.
I went swimming with my friends last night.
by Carlos R. Gomez V. May 17, 2004
16 56
A word used to describe getting or being high or stoned from marijuana
Steve: Hey Jack, have you been swimming today?
Jack: Nah man, I don't do that anymore.
Steve: Why not?
Jack: Cuz I almost drowned once.
by Steve (to the "O") James May 01, 2008
2 44
short for the sun was in my eyes when referring to the way a person looks when you first see them
yo dude check out that chick in the car next to us.
dude man i think you were swimming because she is a bug.
by dfrost April 01, 2007
1 43
1.) The physical act of getting "high" by smoking or otherwise ingesting any or all portions of the marijuana or "weed"plant. Often associated with the slang term 'purple hippo'.

2.) The act of submerging or surrounding most or all of one's body underwater. Bodily sensation feels as if one is able to float in midair.
1.) God: "Hey...we should totally go swimming. Right. Now."

2.) Little Johnny: "But Principal Andrews! All the cool kids have been swimming all day and I don't know how!"
Principal Andrews: "Oh Johnny boy, don't you worry! I'll teach you how to go swimming like the teachers do and you can be just as cool as everybody else at school! You'll even be able to teach other kids to be cool like you!"
by Ry Man August 11, 2006
12 54
A term used as a sexual inuendo - alone as masturbation. The addition of other terms alluding to swimming conexts should also be considered so as the swimming is a lewd and sexual act.
How'd you sprain your wrist? Swimming, you say...
Yeah he's propper Welsh - swims with sheep and everything...
Hah, he uses flotation devises to keep him up when swimming! I guess it's not as bad as needing preformance enhancing drugs to keep going...
She was my first swimming insructor.. What do you mean she teaches kids?!!
etc. etc.
by SamOh July 15, 2006
3 45
Getting high, also see skinny dipping, getting high naked
I went swimming last night, boy are my lungs tired.
by Kodiak April 29, 2005
8 50
used when you want to sniff cocaine or hve already sniffed.
you guys wanna go swimming,ets go for a swim, lets go swimming etc.
by babygirl101 April 18, 2005
8 50