Swimming is quite possibly the most demanding sport ever. If you're not up to such rigorous, demanding activity, you might as well just cheerlead or play football. It is also the most rewarding sport ever, though, because you don't need to run or lift weights to gain muscle mass. You can swim 50 yards in about 25 seconds or less. Swimming is a sport where all of the athletes are in amazing shape, and even if they have ugly faces, they will be desired by everyone else because of their superly hot bodies.

Best sport ever.
"I'm soooo tired after my football practice. We had to do sooo many sprints." -Loser

"I had to sprint for three miles without breathing in my swimming practice, and I could keep going!" -Swimmer
by PIAAswimmer,fasho October 25, 2006
A word used to describe getting or being high or stoned from marijuana
Steve: Hey Jack, have you been swimming today?
Jack: Nah man, I don't do that anymore.
Steve: Why not?
Jack: Cuz I almost drowned once.
by Steve (to the "O") James May 01, 2008
used when you want to sniff cocaine or hve already sniffed.
you guys wanna go swimming,ets go for a swim, lets go swimming etc.
by babygirl101 April 18, 2005
A slang term used as smoking marijuana (cannabis). Often times can be linked by using:

- Water = Marijuana
- Swimsuit = Pipe
- Wet - Being high
Hey do you want to go swimming afterschool? I'll bring the water and my swimsuit!
by Brian Suarez May 20, 2006
code word for being stoned
"Are you swimming Briana?"
"Fu*k ya i am"
by harmony November 02, 2004
vrb: to engage in lesbian sex.
me and my ex spent a lot of time swimming
by whilykitt August 13, 2005
going to a club pool under the alias of going swimming but really only swimming for a short time only to then go shower together
lets go swimming!
mom, dad, katie and i are going swimming
by teh kt December 19, 2004
swimming is gay. lets leave it at that
if football was any easier it would be called swimming
by tony vizzy January 25, 2008
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