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A spoken language based off of English, where the first letter/sound of each word is switched with a letter/sound of another word in the sentence or phrase.
Also known as a "spoonerism"
"swetter litching" = letter switching
"kurger bing" = burger king
"yan cou stunderand sut whi ay?" = Can you understand what I say?
AKA "Letter Switching", the simple act of taking the first two letters of two words and switching their places. This can be used with names also. It gives sentences and/or names a funny twist, and you can possibly get away with this "secret language" in certain situations. (Originated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)
(Ex 1)
Ryan: hey Charles, let's go buck some fitches
Charles: what?
Ryan: I mean, let's go fuck some bitches. Sorry, I'm used to "Swetter Litching"

(Ex 2)
Paul: the football game was crazy, Bom Trady threw an interception to end the game
Derek: who?
Paul: Tom Brady, haven't you heard of "Swetter Litching"?
Derek: no, but it sounds fun! I'm going to start doing it
by Chicken Little May 23, 2014