Getting real gassed up in the gym.
I was swellin real hard at IronHouse Gym.
by LKpsu September 29, 2008
Top Definition
1. Trippin, gotsta be kiddin.
2. Out ya mind, crazy
Ay yo that girl look fine.

Man you swellin that chick is ugly as hell.
by Phil February 06, 2004
to tell a lie or to over exaggerate
i wasnt at the party last night u swellin like shit
by deja aka jay July 23, 2006
someone who is actually lying but believes they are telling the truth
That dude said he drank a whole bottle of 151 but I think he was swellin
by Raffi Torres November 14, 2004
to make someone or something seem better than what it is
That girl always stay swellin.
by Gabe'sGurl July 09, 2006
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