i) A term of address used as a substitute for an individual's actual name. ii) What Chris calls me. Usage: Non gender-specific, always denotes affection. Form: A noun but arguably a proper noun.
If people hear you calling me sweetpea they will start talking.
by Ottermatic February 07, 2007
1. offspring of the union between Olive Oil and Popeye, usually wrapped in swaddling and causes anxiety for the lucky parents
2. Lesbian term of endearment
3. glass of mother nature's finest served straight from the tap for those that enjoy the hot yellow beverage, whether deserved or not, figurative or literal
1. Popeye! Sweet Pea's about to fall from that girder on the construction site! Save him!
2. My gorgeous Sweet Pea. I could just eat you up!
3. Do you drink your own piss?
by wriggler February 21, 2005
The name i use to call austin. (hes the love of my life)
Austin your my sweetpea.
by His boo January 22, 2005
From one pack of seeds a large variety of flowers will bloom. The seedling will curl open push up though the soil and will keep climbing and tangling in among themselves until they reach the top. Even in death as a bunch of cut flowers, its scent will reach out and fill a room for one or two days before the flowers slowly wilt.
Sweetpea you bring so much colour and vitality into my life. I had to have you in my home and so I cut you off the plant, and even then you kept giving in another form until the scent faded in the room but lingers on in my mind whenever I think of you. When I look out into the garden you continue to ramble over the fence with a profusion of new blooms. I think I can keep taking you in until the end of summer.
by Edible forest garden December 24, 2015
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