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Term of endearment, meaning someone cute and sweet.
Hey, sweet pea, are we going to the movies tonight?
by simplyjam December 11, 2006
1. A beautiful flower of the genus Lathyrus.
2. A woman's clit, so named because it looks like a sweetpea blossom.
Mmmmm, my girlfriend has the most delectable sweetpea.
by Mattttttttttttttttttthew December 26, 2010
A Sweet Pea is an extremely sweet and attractive young woman. Most Sweet Peas consist of -beautiful brown eyes, sweet smile, and a very soothing voice.
I love you my little baby Sweet Pea!
by Cupcake June 15, 2004
the hottest girl on the planet
wow! monica is a sweet pea!
by fishegg June 19, 2004
A sweetpea is someone who is so cute that you can't but help fall in love with them. Because they're just that perfect. A sweetpea is so cute that the world stops to do her bidding it is okay.
Ashley is muh sweetpea, I love her verrrry much!"
by thegrottosucks August 25, 2007
"Sweet Peas" was a phrase created by Chelsea Murphy and Andjelija Jancic. It is used as a replacement for the phrase "Cool Beans" and therefore has generally the same meaning. It's just a clever way to say cool, sweet, awesome etc.
Angie: Hey I just bought Soundgarden's new album!
Chelsea: Sweet peas man!!
by Pocketful O Mice July 17, 2012
i) A term of address used as a substitute for an individual's actual name. ii) What Chris calls me. Usage: Non gender-specific, always denotes affection. Form: A noun but arguably a proper noun.
If people hear you calling me sweetpea they will start talking.
by Ottermatic February 07, 2007