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A Sweet Pea is an extremely sweet and attractive young woman. Most Sweet Peas consist of -beautiful brown eyes, sweet smile, and a very soothing voice.
I love you my little baby Sweet Pea!
by Cupcake June 15, 2004
Term of endearment, meaning someone cute and sweet.
Hey, sweet pea, are we going to the movies tonight?
by simplyjam December 11, 2006
1. A beautiful flower of the genus Lathyrus.
2. A woman's clit, so named because it looks like a sweetpea blossom.
Mmmmm, my girlfriend has the most delectable sweetpea.
by Mattttttttttttttttttthew December 26, 2010
A sweetpea is someone who is so cute that you can't but help fall in love with them. Because they're just that perfect. A sweetpea is so cute that the world stops to do her bidding it is okay.
Ashley is muh sweetpea, I love her verrrry much!"
by thegrottosucks August 25, 2007
Andrew wood. A crazy, party gal who is always up to no good, but is the most fun gal in the room. Always.
Andrew wood is my little sweetpea
by Pkaye May 18, 2016
"Sweet Peas" was a phrase created by Chelsea Murphy and Andjelija Jancic. It is used as a replacement for the phrase "Cool Beans" and therefore has generally the same meaning. It's just a clever way to say cool, sweet, awesome etc.
Angie: Hey I just bought Soundgarden's new album!
Chelsea: Sweet peas man!!
by Pocketful O Mice July 17, 2012
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