Long Island talk for "coolness"
total sweetness! Jake got Bens Fold tickets 6th row!
by Joe February 11, 2003
name for a sexy hot chick walking down the street, struttin her stuff.
psst, hey sweetness, ur my sugar dumplin
by candi June 17, 2004
1. to be very sweet

2. something is very sweet in taste or in awesomeness
1. That is such a sweetness person!

2. That skateboard is so sweetness!
by Nicksgirl March 31, 2010
aka Blackberry Brandy. A cheap and effective spirit to help you endure shopping during a snowstorm, keeping toes warm on the ski slopes or just getting the party started.
Pass me that bottle of sweetness, son!
by jdp8jdp March 14, 2010
A noun a level up from "sweet." Best used in a short sentence or as a sentence by itself.
That new game is all sweetness.
by Vertigo September 02, 2002
Generally used when someone wants to express extreme joy. Nerds often use this word after watching Star Wars, hacking into a difficult database, watching "American Beauty" with out their mom catching them or when they feel like being cool.
"Sweetness! After watching Star Wars, my life is complete... I can die now.

by Baboon's Backside May 31, 2005
A greeting Between two close friends
Aye!, How it going sweetness.
by Troy May 03, 2003

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