a phrase used for someone when he leads his crew to meet random girls on a street corner and then gets with the hottest one.
When mark got with that broad in the bathroom of houseparty, there were people shouting "sweetness" from directly outside the door.
by BC2 January 30, 2005
Top Definition
Sweetness is a playful affectionate name for someone close to you. Sweetness plays off the terms sweet (cool/awesome) and sweety (loving/caring person).

There is a specific way to say sweetness. You must always nod your head (as if saying hello), along with an elongated blink of the eyes, while pouting out your lips slightly. Always proceed with a tight hug afterwards. Sweetness is a powerful verbal aphrodisiac and should be used sparingly!

It can be used in two ways.

1. It can be used in a sexy manner towards someone you find sexually alluring.

2. It can be used in a playful manner towards a close friend.
What's up sweetness?
by Roxass October 07, 2006
1-how pleasant something tastes
2-the level of enjoyment recieved from something
3-a show of enthusiasm
1-These cookies are packed with sugary sweetness!!!
2-God, last night was sweetness
person 1-dude, i got 100 bucks!
person 2-SWEETNESS!
by sha September 20, 2003
A nickname given to the greatest runningback in the history of the National Football League- Walter Payton.
Sweetness carried the ball 45 yards for the Touchdown.
by M3 December 11, 2004
a fun word used to express how sweet something is.
I got so much candy for halloween! Sweetness!
I just put my favorite word, sweetness, in the urban dictionary! Sweetness!
by Stefiscoolandawesome May 19, 2007
Word Meaning Something is sweet, very nice, or awesome. Created by Taylor not Matt.
"Wow, We are going to the fair?! Sweetness"
by Musiclvr14 March 24, 2009
name for a sexy hot chick walking down the street, struttin her stuff.
psst, hey sweetness, ur my sugar dumplin
by candi June 17, 2004
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