the one spot on a surfboard on which the surfer has centered between his/her legs for the best control and manipulation. usually this spot is found by holding one side of the surfboard rail out in one hand and trying to find it's center of balance.
find the sweet spot on your stick and the ride will feel tight
by halla June 10, 2005
A spot on the human body that, if pierced, will kill a man within a few seconds, if not instantly. An example would be the abdominal aorta, located to the left of the spine, fourth lumbar down. Bleed to death in under ten seconds if stabbed there. Another would be at the base of the skull, top of the spinal column.
You want to take him out in one hit? Aim for a sweet spot.
by FunkRenegade August 19, 2005
A girl that would otherwise be hot except for some issue such as having some back fat or bad skin. The issue is not enough that you would not enjoy boning her, but it is just enough so that she has an inferiority complex so that she would actually bone you.
"That chick has a perfect ass." "Yeah, but check out that beak." "That's the sweet spot."
by Thomas Edward October 30, 2007
1. noun The best place to wack a golf ball.

2. slang The spot on a girl's panties where here asshole was nestled against the soft cotton. Smells fruitier than the rest of the thong. The bridge smells sweaty.
Chris: Hey Alex, hows it hangin'?
Me: It's not hanging. I just finished smelling your little sis' panties. Now I'm ready for your mom.
by X-TremePussyFucker December 10, 2004

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