Sweet Dicks is a term used when something is better than than good, great or brilliant. The term can also be adapted to be use to describe people. This term is called Super Tommy Sweet Dicks.
"Went watching this film the other day, It was Sweet Dicks!"

"Super Tommy Sweet Dicks you've arrived, It's about bloody time. We've all been waiting for you"
by RyanNeck August 02, 2009
Top Definition
1). something that is completley and utterly mind blowing, spectacular or just simply amazing.

2). the act of placing some type of sweet food (frosting, syrup, marshmallow fluff, etc.) before recieving a blow job.
Dave: "Yeah man we are getting threes kegs for the house tonight."

Mills: "SWEET DICK."

Jeff: "They call him sweet dick because he puts frosting on his penis before getting blow."
by Frank Mills August 05, 2006
A term used when something gets out of hand or there is a funny mood after a joke or other coincidence.
P1: bro stop kicking my leg!
P2:Sweet Dicks man!

P1:And the wife was knocked up.
P2:Sweet Dicks!
(more laughter)
by SuckAWang December 23, 2012
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