The age of sexual consent in most cool countries. Also an age of large responsibility as many of lifes decisions are made at this age.
Its my sweet sixteen next week im gonna be shagin.
by Ashley' December 31, 2003
Top Definition
see overrated.
why do people make such a big deal about turning 16?!
by sarcastic seventeen May 17, 2004
wayyyyy over rated age that shoulnt even have its own saying
so what ur 16 why do u expect to get a car
by me August 17, 2004
The stage in which a female turns the age of Sixteen.
Alisha just had her sweet sixteenth birthday party
by brian December 30, 2003
something highly overrated for a girl turning 16.
I had a shitty sweet sixteen because no one remembered my birthday, just like in Sixteen Candles.
by Xina January 03, 2004
A girl's 16th birthday, usually symbolizes turning into a woman.
The girl got a new car from her parents for her sweet sixteen party.
by Isi Oamen December 28, 2003
The age of sixteen or the birthday on which one becomes sixteen.
I'm turnin' sweet sixteen on my sweet sixteen!
by Darian December 29, 2003
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