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Is a "slang" word for Heroin.
He's always out here begging for his next fix of that sweet dreams.
by Diamond cluster hustler August 25, 2005
57 108
Sleep well, as in good night. Said to someone before they fall asleep.
"Good night. Sweet dreams."

Synonyms: Pleasant Dreams, 56...
5: s-w-e-e-t
6: d-r-e-a-m-s
by danthesandman December 16, 2012
85 13
When you place feces inside of a victim's pillow case and they sleep on it. Depending on consistency, it's usually best to place the violated side face down on bed to keep victim from noticing obvious staining/lumps, etc.
When an upper decker isn't an option, a sweet dreams is always a nice alternative.
by flickab July 17, 2008
17 123