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1) To kill someone gruesomely.
2) Originates from the movie/musical known as 'Sweeney Todd'. In this movie, Johnny Depp plays the role of Sweeney Todd, a barber that slits peoples throat while giving them a shave.
3) To Sweeney todd someone, you would have to kill them in the same manner as Sweeney Todd himself of an alternative way that is just as horrific.
-John Rambo sweeney todded an entire league of Burmese militia.
by Nero117~ January 27, 2008
to kill in a vicious, cold-hearted, malicious way.
that motherfucker deebo owed me $10. he ain't pay me so i sweeney todded that assclown.
by assclown fucktart January 27, 2008
1. an early example of a serial killer.
2. to slit the throat of an unsuspecting victim by a straight razor.
3. to hide the crimes by butchering the corpses of victims, baking their flesh into meat pies, and selling them to unknowing customers.
When I found out he de-hymened my sister, I straight sweeney todded him.
by azi bari February 27, 2008