The whitest country in the world (in every way). Its white because of the 12 months of non-stop snow and because the peoples' skin is so hideously white!
Every goth and wigger come from Sweden, damm white people communists.
by wish pain on ya kids August 07, 2005
1. They are always late

2. They are fat

3. They can't spell

4. They suck at math

5. They suck at every sport

6. They wish they could be from Denmark
Sweden sucks Denmark's balls.
by g-t0-h August 30, 2007
Best country in the world.
1. Northern cities
2. Death Metal
3. Best snow in the world
4. Best women in the world
5. Cold winter
6. Good filmography
7. Best Internet
8. Forests
9. Bathory
10. Lina Leandersson

Sweden, Norway and Finland are the best countries in the world.
by SongsOfDarkness December 08, 2014
The best thing to be when two of your friends are fighting and you don't want to pick sides and make someone mad at you.
Guy 1: Dude, one of my friends spread rumors about another one of my friends and now there's a bloodwar between them! I don't wanna have to pick sides, what should I do??
Guy 2: Go Sweden on this one man, you don't wanna get caught in the middle of that, otherwise it'll be you who's got a target on your back.
by M1sty November 19, 2014
A great and beautiful country between Norway and Finland. Not to be confused with Switzerland.
Sweden has forests and meatballs.
Switzerland has chocolate and mountains.
by NoobSE October 07, 2014

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