Country with the happiest people, take your children to work, public sex wahwah I love that country, Im dutch >.>
All americans should be bombed and die real painfully, *bomb that row of americans*
by xil April 13, 2005
The whitest country in the world (in every way). Its white because of the 12 months of non-stop snow and because the peoples' skin is so hideously white!
Every goth and wigger come from Sweden, damm white people communists.
by wish pain on ya kids August 07, 2005
1. They are always late

2. They are fat

3. They can't spell

4. They suck at math

5. They suck at every sport

6. They wish they could be from Denmark
Sweden sucks Denmark's balls.
by g-t0-h August 30, 2007
A country with a cool, laid back attitude. Friendly people and beautiful women. EXTREMELY prone to Jimi Hendrix. Good food. A nice place to visit.
Sade's mother is from Sweden.
by Idiot Buster March 12, 2005
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