A country neighbouring Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Sweden is mostly known for its drunk citizens wandering around in the streets of Helsingør (Elsingore) and Copenhagen buying so much alcohol from Denmark, that even if the Danish economys only revenue was from Sweden, the Danish economy would still make it to top 10 of the strongest economies in the world!
Sweden - drunk people!
by FreddyTheGreat May 23, 2009
Sweden is a wonderful nation located in the northern parts of Europe. Its inhabitants are renowned for their beauty, a common prejudice wich is 95% correct. (the 5% flaw is due to immigrants who hae not yet been integrigated with the other populace.
The people of Sweden is also extremely intelligent and better educated than the generall american or france person.
Sweden also offers a spectacular variouty of wonderful nature. Sweden is actually so great that the word "swedish" is being used world-wide as an expression to determing how good or wonderful something is.

The country also has a long and great history record, as expected from a country as overall nice as Sweden.
From 1561 to 1718 Sweden is considered to be an great european power(becoming a super power during the Thirty-years war 1618-1648), culminating by the year of 1658 by nearly total annihilation of Denmark, what saved the country was an incorrectly drawn map of Copenhagens defenses.
Sadly, Sweden is no longer a super power however the king and queen of Sweden reminds of the nations glory.

Many great poets, authors and scientists was swedish.
For example Carl Michael Bellman, August Strindberg and Carolus Linneaus.

However nothing is all-tgrough well (as shown above considering beautiness).
Sweden has through the act of several misunderstandings in campaigns and ballots been ruled by an almost communistic government which doesn't even have the single majourity to rule alone, bur must take help from the Left (communist) party and the Enviromental party.
This has resulted in the highest tax rates in the world,
25% unemployement and an almost fallen apart national defence. This may be the cause of the sad high suicidal rates in Sweden.

However, Sweden is magnificent and fantastic, as long as you aren't interested in politics.
Person no. 1:"Hey, you're beautiful, intelligent AND nice. Are you from Sweden?"
Person no. 2:"Oh yes of course I am, thanks for the flattering. Now move out of my way, common person."
(Note: Swedish people aren't generally that arrogant, only against danes, as person no. 1 was.)
by Hugin January 15, 2006
the country that is continuously being joked about by danes, norwegians and finns alike!
sweden= cheap knockoff of other scandi countries
by John February 27, 2005
The country of people, that all Finns are making fun of, the country that where 2 of my cousins live, and ive never been there (im Finn) Many Finns say that swedish men are gay.

type in youtube search: "kummeli ruotsi" and pick the first video, it will expain Sweden to you. (its finnish humor)
by -Hazard- April 02, 2008
The worst country in the world. Full of lazy, racist, homosexual communists. The women reek of their pickled herring rotten pussies and the men stank of ass droppings on their penises. Bathing is optional and usually discouraged. Tootbrushes have yet to be introduced.
Guy 1: Hey, my ass hurts.
Guy 2: Were you in Sweden yesterday?
by USA-A-OK March 24, 2010
The greatest nation in the world, for several reasons.

1: Dan Swano.
2: Really hot Swedish girls.
3: Death metal in the top 40! It's actually played at clubs and all over.
4: The sheer amount of amazing metal bands up there.
"And at #5, we have Britney Spears with 'Hit me Baby One More Time.' An oldie but still in the top 40 here in Sweden, from time to time. And at #4, we have Bloodbath, with 'Outnumbering the day!'"
by mylovedenied September 16, 2005
A country in Europe with the sexiest, sweetest, smartest and most adorable headbanger (and other) guys in the world and the best metal.

HammerFall (hottest member is Stefan Elmgren) are Swedish, need I say more?
I wish I could go to Sweden and kidnap Stefan Elmgren. He is so sexy, smart and adorable.

Oh, the things I could do to him......or for that matter, any sexy Swedish headbanger guy.

God I love Swedish men, they are the best.
by I brake for Swedish men February 12, 2005
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