The country of people, that all Finns are making fun of, the country that where 2 of my cousins live, and ive never been there (im Finn) Many Finns say that swedish men are gay.

type in youtube search: "kummeli ruotsi" and pick the first video, it will expain Sweden to you. (its finnish humor)
by -Hazard- April 02, 2008
The worst country in the world. Full of lazy, racist, homosexual communists. The women reek of their pickled herring rotten pussies and the men stank of ass droppings on their penises. Bathing is optional and usually discouraged. Tootbrushes have yet to be introduced.
Guy 1: Hey, my ass hurts.
Guy 2: Were you in Sweden yesterday?
by USA-A-OK March 24, 2010
The greatest nation in the world, for several reasons.

1: Dan Swano.
2: Really hot Swedish girls.
3: Death metal in the top 40! It's actually played at clubs and all over.
4: The sheer amount of amazing metal bands up there.
"And at #5, we have Britney Spears with 'Hit me Baby One More Time.' An oldie but still in the top 40 here in Sweden, from time to time. And at #4, we have Bloodbath, with 'Outnumbering the day!'"
by mylovedenied September 16, 2005
A quite big piece of land, not so far from Denmark

Sweds (or whatever you call them) ain't nothing but blondes and faggots.

Since the dawn of civilizaition, they haven' been anything but some bloody cowards, who run and scream like a little girl, if as much as think war.

They have always been trying really hard to look like it's neigbours Denmark, Norway and Finland, but it as you can see, it haven't really ever been much of a success.
I shagged a girl from Sweden, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt, not to mention chlamydia.
by iNielsen December 29, 2008
A country in Europe with the sexiest, sweetest, smartest and most adorable headbanger (and other) guys in the world and the best metal.

HammerFall (hottest member is Stefan Elmgren) are Swedish, need I say more?
I wish I could go to Sweden and kidnap Stefan Elmgren. He is so sexy, smart and adorable.

Oh, the things I could do to him......or for that matter, any sexy Swedish headbanger guy.

God I love Swedish men, they are the best.
by I brake for Swedish men February 12, 2005
basically all you need to know is that the band Last AmAndA is from here and they are all amazingly beautiful!
girl1: omg! is that nico? he's soo hott
girl2: hell yeah he is, that cuz he plays in last amanda and is from sweden!
by dudesfromswedesrsexy June 19, 2006
Not to be confused with Finland.
A country north of Denmark.

Popular sports include ice-hockey, in which most notable success was second place 1995 World Championship tournament held in Stockholm.
-What the heck just happened? Is that even possible!?
-Only in Sweden.
by zagga April 11, 2005

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