a dumbfuck country filled with fags ,racists, athiests, lazy hicks and communists the swedish people are the first to critisize americans by saying shit like '' ya der sveden is der better dan da ameerika becuze we d arent on dee welfare and we arnt steupid fat steupid redneks like on der duck dynassty '' ya well i was in sweden i found stupid rednecks on welfare skanky blonde chicks who think every countries loves them wiggers with redsox and yankee hats who have no idea what baseball is. and men wearing mom jeans and muscle shirts are everywhere and the language is so damm stupid
i fucking hate the swedes and everything affiliated with sweden
by oregonboy433487 September 07, 2013
A shining beacon of freedom and progress, located in the chilly northern parts of Europe. Neighbour to Denmark, Norway and Finland, and often confused with at least one of them. Most Americans cannot distinguish Sweden from the mountain nation of Switzerland.

Famous for not only its a large population of very blonde and beautiful women, but also its history of Vikings, the music of partly forgotten bands like Abba and very high taxes. Under the government of the social democrats, Sweden has the highest tax rate in the world. The corruption is nearly non-existant and the population is well-educated, better than the average European or American citizen. There is no country in the world where atheism is better established than in Sweden, and the Swedish church, unlike the churches in many other countries, has little real power or influence. Sweden is also the most equal country in the world, gender-wise.

An overwhelming majority of Swedes surf the web. Although home to a relatively small part of the world (9 million), Sweden still manages to produce people and projects of great initiative and ingenuity. One of these projets is The Pirate Bay, the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker site. Another Swedish project is the famous KaZaA, a peer-to-peer fileshare client. Sweden also produces a lot of good gamers, not seldom seen leading the worldwide scoreboards. Sweden is also home to the Nobel Prize committee and host of the majority of Nobel Prizes.

Famous Swedish words in the English language are "smorgasbord", "tungsten" and "ombudsman". Famous Swedish people are Peter Stormare, Ingrid Bergman, Ingemar Bergman, Stellan Skarsgård, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alfred Nobel.
- What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
- What?
- What country you from?
- Sweden!
- Sweden ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak English in Sweden?
- What?
- Yes!
by Xschtar January 15, 2006
Where the banana-peelers of Norway origin from. Rather boring and cold country in Europe. Home of racists, non-believers and partysvensker (partyswedes).

Is said to be populated with only hot, blonde women, when infact it struggles with immigration and people fleeing the country due to few work-places.

The place where Norwegians go to buy vodka and fags while fucking swedish brudar (brides) during easter.
Sweden? Isn't that the annoying little brother of...
Norway, yes.
by Swee-ping April 25, 2011
A lovely country north of Denmark, next to Norway. People are friendly and generally speak english very well.

The swedish music scene is something that more and more people have come to appreciate in the last few years. If you're into alternative rock/indie/electro you really should check out it out. Some hot tips are: The Knife, Alice in Videoland, Kitty on the Catwalk, Sahara Hotnights and ofcourse The Hives.

Another thing that has just recently been discovered about Sweden is the domestic production of jeans. Brands such as Acne action jeans, Nudie and Cheap Monday are just starting to make their way to the fashion highways.

And need I mention that the clubbing around "Stureplan" is great? Lots of rich, goodlooking, young people who know how to party.
Great clubs to visit: Berns, Kharma, Sturecompagniet and Laroy.
by Xhela July 20, 2005
Country in northern part of universe (Europe). They have neonazis everywhere (thanks god for that), jews running the show (media, books, politics) and they are NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!

No Swedish agenda is to fill the country with rapist, murderers and slackers from all other nations. Why? Just for fun and it does create jobs (police, judges, lawyers, jail-building, jail personel, social workers etc). Its a great idea and takes the focus from the corrupted jewish influenced government. The government might not work good at all, but immigrants are far worse. The topic today, tomorrow and yesterday!
Mustaffa arrives without passport to Arlanda.

Passpolice - Are you a frexxin jew or what?
Immigrant - No, im here to rape your daughter and kill your wife, im muslim you see.
Passpolice - If you rape my daughter you will get a "PUT" in Sweden for sure. Shes so ugly even the smelly "niggers" turn her down.
by 357magnum April 07, 2009
A country neighbouring Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Sweden is mostly known for its drunk citizens wandering around in the streets of Helsingør (Elsingore) and Copenhagen buying so much alcohol from Denmark, that even if the Danish economys only revenue was from Sweden, the Danish economy would still make it to top 10 of the strongest economies in the world!
Sweden - drunk people!
by FreddyTheGreat May 23, 2009
Sweden, not to be confused with hell, is widely recognized as the worst place on earth to place your feet. After years of studies, professor Mike Dunningham at MIT discovered that Sweden, being so miserable was, largely due to the Swedes, the people populating Sweden.

Also they suck at card games.

Son: I don't want to eat my vegetables.

Mom: Well, if you don't eat them you could turn into a Swede.

Son: Anything but that! (eats at an incredible pace)
by The Keymaster May 14, 2010

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