A lovely country north of Denmark, next to Norway. People are friendly and generally speak english very well.

The swedish music scene is something that more and more people have come to appreciate in the last few years. If you're into alternative rock/indie/electro you really should check out it out. Some hot tips are: The Knife, Alice in Videoland, Kitty on the Catwalk, Sahara Hotnights and ofcourse The Hives.

Another thing that has just recently been discovered about Sweden is the domestic production of jeans. Brands such as Acne action jeans, Nudie and Cheap Monday are just starting to make their way to the fashion highways.

And need I mention that the clubbing around "Stureplan" is great? Lots of rich, goodlooking, young people who know how to party.
Great clubs to visit: Berns, Kharma, Sturecompagniet and Laroy.
by Xhela July 20, 2005
A country neighbouring Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Sweden is mostly known for its drunk citizens wandering around in the streets of Helsingør (Elsingore) and Copenhagen buying so much alcohol from Denmark, that even if the Danish economys only revenue was from Sweden, the Danish economy would still make it to top 10 of the strongest economies in the world!
Sweden - drunk people!
by FreddyTheGreat May 23, 2009
Sweden is basically hell on earth. The country is cheap, so is the population. Swedes generally smell bad, as they like to follow their primitive viking traditions and bath anually. Swedes are not as good looking as their neighboers from Norway and Finland.

They all have fucking bad music taste - all of them wake up to Abba and go to bed with Aqua.
- Look at that fag!

- Oh, he's probably from Sweden.

- Attention, passengers, we are having a emergency landing in Sweden. From there on, you will get a train trip to Norway, all expenses paid.
- Oh fuck, not Sweden*suicide*
by Trolldeig January 17, 2011
Sweden, not to be confused with hell, is widely recognized as the worst place on earth to place your feet. After years of studies, professor Mike Dunningham at MIT discovered that Sweden, being so miserable was, largely due to the Swedes, the people populating Sweden.

Also they suck at card games.

Son: I don't want to eat my vegetables.

Mom: Well, if you don't eat them you could turn into a Swede.

Son: Anything but that! (eats at an incredible pace)
by The Keymaster May 14, 2010
Country in northern part of universe (Europe). They have neonazis everywhere (thanks god for that), jews running the show (media, books, politics) and they are NOT ALLOWED TO COMPLAIN ABOUT IT!

No Swedish agenda is to fill the country with rapist, murderers and slackers from all other nations. Why? Just for fun and it does create jobs (police, judges, lawyers, jail-building, jail personel, social workers etc). Its a great idea and takes the focus from the corrupted jewish influenced government. The government might not work good at all, but immigrants are far worse. The topic today, tomorrow and yesterday!
Mustaffa arrives without passport to Arlanda.

Passpolice - Are you a frexxin jew or what?
Immigrant - No, im here to rape your daughter and kill your wife, im muslim you see.
Passpolice - If you rape my daughter you will get a "PUT" in Sweden for sure. Shes so ugly even the smelly "niggers" turn her down.
by 357magnum April 07, 2009
Sweden is a wonderful nation located in the northern parts of Europe. Its inhabitants are renowned for their beauty, a common prejudice wich is 95% correct. (the 5% flaw is due to immigrants who hae not yet been integrigated with the other populace.
The people of Sweden is also extremely intelligent and better educated than the generall american or france person.
Sweden also offers a spectacular variouty of wonderful nature. Sweden is actually so great that the word "swedish" is being used world-wide as an expression to determing how good or wonderful something is.

The country also has a long and great history record, as expected from a country as overall nice as Sweden.
From 1561 to 1718 Sweden is considered to be an great european power(becoming a super power during the Thirty-years war 1618-1648), culminating by the year of 1658 by nearly total annihilation of Denmark, what saved the country was an incorrectly drawn map of Copenhagens defenses.
Sadly, Sweden is no longer a super power however the king and queen of Sweden reminds of the nations glory.

Many great poets, authors and scientists was swedish.
For example Carl Michael Bellman, August Strindberg and Carolus Linneaus.

However nothing is all-tgrough well (as shown above considering beautiness).
Sweden has through the act of several misunderstandings in campaigns and ballots been ruled by an almost communistic government which doesn't even have the single majourity to rule alone, bur must take help from the Left (communist) party and the Enviromental party.
This has resulted in the highest tax rates in the world,
25% unemployement and an almost fallen apart national defence. This may be the cause of the sad high suicidal rates in Sweden.

However, Sweden is magnificent and fantastic, as long as you aren't interested in politics.
Person no. 1:"Hey, you're beautiful, intelligent AND nice. Are you from Sweden?"
Person no. 2:"Oh yes of course I am, thanks for the flattering. Now move out of my way, common person."
(Note: Swedish people aren't generally that arrogant, only against danes, as person no. 1 was.)
by Hugin January 15, 2006
the country that is continuously being joked about by danes, norwegians and finns alike!
sweden= cheap knockoff of other scandi countries
by John February 27, 2005

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