Best country in the world.
1. Northern cities
2. Death Metal
3. Best snow in the world
4. Best women in the world
5. Cold winter
6. Good filmography
7. Best Internet
8. Forests
9. Bathory
10. Lina Leandersson

Sweden, Norway and Finland are the best countries in the world.
by SongsOfDarkness December 08, 2014
Acronym: Smoke Weed Every Day Every Night
Since we can't afford to do any fun traveling and this town is boring, I'm spending Christmas break in Sweden with all my best friends.
by KountKella December 16, 2011
The best thing to be when two of your friends are fighting and you don't want to pick sides and make someone mad at you.
Guy 1: Dude, one of my friends spread rumors about another one of my friends and now there's a bloodwar between them! I don't wanna have to pick sides, what should I do??
Guy 2: Go Sweden on this one man, you don't wanna get caught in the middle of that, otherwise it'll be you who's got a target on your back.
by M1sty November 19, 2014
An expression used for stating that you are staying neutral in this matter.
Cool guy 1: Cola is best!
Cool guy 2: No Sprite is best!
Cool guy 1: What do you think is best, Cool guy 3?
Cool guy 3: Ah, Sweden
by Multitask April 13, 2011
Home of the world's hottest women.

i mean they can swedish massage me any time. girls from sweden are hot
guy #1: i banged a girl from sweden last night
guy #2: oh jaaaa
by I <3 sweedish chicks August 15, 2006
S.moke W.eed E.very D.ay E.very N.ight
by W@5t3dY0uth August 15, 2008
A shining beacon of freedom and progress, located in the chilly northern parts of Europe. Neighbour to Denmark, Norway and Finland, and often confused with at least one of them. Most Americans cannot distinguish Sweden from the mountain nation of Switzerland.

Famous for not only its a large population of very blonde and beautiful women, but also its history of Vikings, the music of partly forgotten bands like Abba and very high taxes. Under the government of the social democrats, Sweden has the highest tax rate in the world. The corruption is nearly non-existant and the population is well-educated, better than the average European or American citizen. There is no country in the world where atheism is better established than in Sweden, and the Swedish church, unlike the churches in many other countries, has little real power or influence. Sweden is also the most equal country in the world, gender-wise.

An overwhelming majority of Swedes surf the web. Although home to a relatively small part of the world (9 million), Sweden still manages to produce people and projects of great initiative and ingenuity. One of these projets is The Pirate Bay, the worlds largest BitTorrent tracker site. Another Swedish project is the famous KaZaA, a peer-to-peer fileshare client. Sweden also produces a lot of good gamers, not seldom seen leading the worldwide scoreboards. Sweden is also home to the Nobel Prize committee and host of the majority of Nobel Prizes.

Famous Swedish words in the English language are "smorgasbord", "tungsten" and "ombudsman". Famous Swedish people are Peter Stormare, Ingrid Bergman, Ingemar Bergman, Stellan Skarsgård, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Alfred Nobel.
- What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
- What?
- What country you from?
- Sweden!
- Sweden ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak English in Sweden?
- What?
- Yes!
by Xschtar January 15, 2006

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