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The fake "acrylic" nails you get done at a cheap nail salon, where there are rows of pedicure chairs and manicure tables next to each other, just like a sweatshop. You come in and they yell "PICK COLOR!" The manicurists go from one person to the next without break, breathing in all the chemicals. Your nails never cost more than $20-25 and are always done with unlabeled products.

These salons are usually located in a strip/mini mall with some cheesy name like New York Nails, Chan's Nails, or Spicy Nails. They are always run by Asians who look pissed to be there (usually Korean or Vietnamese), and you can just tell they are talking smack about you in their language. And there is always at least one man working there who creeps you out, who you hope you don't get.
Girl 1: Oooh where did you get your nails done girl?

Girl 2: Oh, you know, Diamond Nails.

Girl 1: They actually look pretty good for sweatshop nails

Girl 2: Yeah, but they totally butchered my cuticle with the drill.

Girl 1: You get what you pay for.
by offya December 21, 2011
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