An article of clothing that is looked upon as gay, lame, or very unfashionable. Usually worn by a certain classmate in Technological Studies Class.
HEY everyone look its sweater vest, and she cant get through a door!
by Gman33 April 28, 2009
The fragile man's dress shirt.
While Frank and Joe wear their button up shirts proudly, with a couple buttons undone at the top, their fragile friend, Sam, wears a sweater vest to dress up.
by BizzyBea February 24, 2011
used to describe when a job has become so corny and redundant that you wear sweatervests to work. describes a situation that is gay
Dude, that is so sweatervest.
by KeefMo November 26, 2007
hairy burly man that appears to be wearing a vest of chest hair.
Nate looks like an ass! He has a sweater vest and chaps!
by Mary Trainor July 10, 2008
An article of clothing often worn by rediculously good looking teachers that makes them look even more good looking
Mr. V looks so good in sweatervests, he should wear one everyday.
by anon.. November 03, 2006
A vest. That doesn't open in the front. Or something.It's a sweater. Only a vest.

Hence the name.

Extremely ugly, uncomfortable, and often associated with "nerds".
Since Johnny wore a different sweatervest everyday, people often called him a nerd without knowing what he was like on the inside. Now Johnny is a kick-ass pedo. Showed you all, didn't he?
by Jade November 14, 2004
a lot of chest hair

excess hair folicles on ones' chest
Man #1- "Hey, you shave your chest?"
Man #2-"Watchu say boi?"
Man #1-"I have a nice sweater vest."
by Gumbi December 27, 2004

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