Extremely hairy man with an abundance chest or back hair referred to as a sweater.
Jeff will you shave your sweater for the trip to the Beach.
by jefferysweater12345678 August 03, 2011
Someone who perspires heavily during any excersize or physical exurtion.
I had to use the machine at the gym after a sweater was on it.
by purswaysive March 06, 2007
To compete with others for wearing the softest artical of clothing.
It's sweater time Daniel and I heard you didn't wear you cashmere today muhahah!
by Sami-Sosa February 07, 2010
Someone who sweats alot
wow, Joe is such a sweater (said after P.E class)
by Rapiant June 07, 2007
slang word for foreskin (originated in New England?)
Heather reached down the front of her new boyfriend's pants and was surprised to discover that he was "wearing a sweater".
by Deanz October 29, 2006
a group of really dumb women. - as in, they are as dumb as sweaters. not to be confused with the verb form of actual sweating. can be used in singular form also.
I didn't think there would be so many sweaters at this party.


That Donna chick is such a frickin' sweater.
by kate October 01, 2002
Condom. Used by spaniels.
My spaniel likes to wear sweaters.
by Kiki April 09, 2005

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