A really hot shirt. Mostly made of wool and cotton. Many times you are told to put one on when it is cold, but other times when it is not.
"Jack, put on a sweater or you'll catch cold!"

"But Maw, it's 90 degrees!"
by Anonymous Person May 25, 2005
Someone who tryhards in public matches on fps games including call of duty, battlefield etc.

Typically found sitting in corners or dropshotting these people are the "pros" in fps or so they think.
"Fancy going out tonight"- Ryan

"Nope I'm gonna sweat it on MW3 this evening and get good k/d's" - Josh

"You absolute sweater!" - Ryan
by lovetosweat November 25, 2011
One who sweats a lot.
Kendra: OMG, look at all that sweat coming from that girl's back and armpits.

Penelope: Oh yes, she must be a sweater.
by statistics.sucks July 23, 2011
Players in their chosen video game who try too hard and sweat it out all day and night causing obsessive behaviour leading to fatness, loneliness, unemployment and benefit claims so they can stay home and play games all day. Sweaters can usually be be spotted by their particularly high multiplayer rank and by solving a simple equation, it is possible to conclude how much of a sweater they are:

(Multiplayer Rank/Number of Days Since Launch) x Average XP per round of game

Another way to spot potential sweaters is nonsensical, ostentatious online handles. Scientists believe that due to a lack of sunshine, good nutrients and normal, social interaction, sweaters spoken and written language skills diminish greatly, sometimes irreversibly.

Sweaters can be found in the usual sweater breeding grounds on games such as Gears of War (2), Call of Duty, FIFA etc. It is also apparent that when sweaters meet online, they will form a group known as a 'pool'. A pool can be devastatingly irritating to play against, but remembering that you are not fat, unemployed and a virgin usually counters this irritation.
Fred: Wow, four level 100s on the opposition team this round
Harry: Yeah, looks like another pool of sweaters

Gary: Jesus, a nuke in under 3 minutes, that guy must be proper sweating it.
Jules: Yeah it's his 4th nuke in 6 games, he must be heading down to Boots for some more antiperspirant when his benefit money comes through
by whitestrat May 29, 2011
Derived from a line in Lil Wayne's "Live From the 504", in which Wayne states, "have a sweater wit dat, and jus chillllll." It is used in place of words/phrases such as bullshit, you're good on dat, never dat etc.
Maxwell: "The Carolina Panthers might be decent next year..."

Me: "You are fucking sweaters on that Maxwell."
by Birddog Dan April 23, 2011
A code word used for drugs to avoid causing suspicion.
"Hey man, do you have my sweater?"
by Spirrow March 24, 2008
film on your teeth generally after a good nights sleep or from extended period of time without brushing
i really need to brush my teeth, i can feel the sweaters
by roonz January 28, 2005

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