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An alternative name for the breasts.
Hey, lemme see dem sweater kittens!
by Michael June 18, 2006
41 35
Absolutely adorable breasts molded into perfect round balls when a girl puts on a really soft and fuzzy and touchable sweater.
Sweater kittens, sweater kittens, I love sweater kittens. OOOOOOOOhhhhh.
by ian January 21, 2004
202 36
incredible female breasts as viewed by a male when their slight movement creates arousal
for fucksake those sweater kittens are turning me into Tony the tiger.
by Jim Cotter December 11, 2003
75 53
breasts, where men look when they are talking to women
I want to pet her sweater kittens.
I can't wait to get my hands on Jocelyn's sweater kittens.
by Tone R. May 22, 2007
24 29
When a woman runs without the use of a sports bra, it resembles two kittens hid in her shirt fighting.
Dem mothafuckin sweater kittens be brawlin son!
by Mordous January 21, 2007
22 34
another word for boobs, awesome ones. sometimes referred to as "sk's"
"man o man, sally has some nice sweater kittens. meow"
also.... "nice sk's, not you"
by hallsy September 17, 2002
9 35