a moke(chav, spyde, steak) that sweats easily.when he sees a football
yo sweatmoke of doom ur drippin
by roy April 19, 2005
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Top Definition
A sweat moke is yet annother term for a chav/ned/steek etc. However to be classified as a sweat moke one must be a moke of the highest calibre. Such an individual must wear only the most garish of tracksuits 24/7 have no less than two, 4krt gold studs in his ears, smoke 20 a day, be recieving every cash benefit known to man, never be seen without a peaked cap, walk in a fashion that would put John Cleese to shame and rape the english language every time he opens his mouth.
I was going to drive into school today but some sweat moke painted "LVF" on the roof, stole my tyres, smashed all my windows and gobbed on the seats.
#chav #moke #ned #steek #sweat #theft
by Francey February 19, 2007
a sweaty moke(spyde chaz steek)
yo sweatmoke ill fukin kill u
by roy April 19, 2005
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