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this is a description of when your ass getting really swetty. its a combination of sweat and ass. used as a verb, it is when you stick your sweaty ass on someone, usually in the face.
"Demo was pissing my off and wouldn't shut the fuck up up so i swassed him right in the face1'
by stretch May 02, 2003
42 224
(n) an acronym for "Some Wild-Ass Silly Shit."
"Between the hookers, the goat, and the midgets, that trip to Las Vegas for my bachelor party was SWASS!"
by Stoic Seraph April 14, 2003
36 55
n. - a combination of swagger and sass
also adj. (swassy)
Her combination of boots and hot pants made her appear very swassy. (adj.)

Those two girls from WashU had a lot of swass.
by Swagga ofa College Kid January 11, 2009
40 60
Sweaty ass syndrome. An embarrassing condition that causes one's butt to sweat, no matter what the temperature is. This sweat doesn't stink.
Hey, looks like you must have sat in something wet. No, I've got a serious case of swass.
by Purple Kitty November 06, 2006
11 31
when u work out to the extreme and u get really sweaty ass
i was working out and i got extreme swass
by rickyjimembo September 20, 2007
6 27
when you have sweat on your ass.
man it is hot out I have swass.
by krissy613 September 14, 2007
8 29
simple addition...

sweat + ass = swass
it's so hot and i'm wearing jeans, i'm garanteed to get some swass here...
by douglas44 April 10, 2007
10 31
butt sweat. happens often times when you are sitting on a leather seat (in a car or couch for example) on a hot summer day.
i gotta get outta this car and stand up for a bit; this heat is giving me some serious swass right now!
by djesquire October 08, 2006
9 30