this is a description of when your ass getting really swetty. its a combination of sweat and ass. used as a verb, it is when you stick your sweaty ass on someone, usually in the face.
"Demo was pissing my off and wouldn't shut the fuck up up so i swassed him right in the face1'
by stretch May 02, 2003
A sweaty ass.

Slang way of saying sweaty ass
"Gross that girl has some major swass!"
by HALEY218 December 03, 2011
1.Sassy Swag: Type of swagger that girls posses, Sassy & Swagging at the same time

2.Dance style, Attitude: Sexy, Sassy, Swagging style. Very Feminine and intriguing.
1. "Those girls had soo much swass it was insane"
2. "Beyonce is the definiton of Swass"
by #Swaggf December 03, 2011
something that smells like a sweat ass
sweat + ass = swass
The person that came out of the gym smells like swass
by penguin16 June 26, 2014
One with a sweaty ass.
After I long and healthy run I took a shower to wash the swass.
by OdeIIJoy August 24, 2013
Combination of the words Swag and Class. Originnaly made by TEBTISIN from the Playstation Network.
"Free swass" "I have so much swass"
by TEBTISIN September 05, 2012
sweaty ass
Your swass stained my couch.
by picklejohn25 March 27, 2011
having a sweaty ass
dude your dripping your swass on my couch
by Reba the Ruler August 08, 2010

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