a small seaside town on the new south wales north coast (australia), swansea is a place where travellers might stop by on their way to bigger and more exciting towns, namely newcastle. although a quiet and friendly town in iteslf, there is not exactly much to do or see in swansea if you are under the age of 60. ihhabitants of swansea or the nearby caves beach are most likely amiable young persons looking for amusement and/or mischief. one might call them larrikins. swansea's landmarks are the bridge, watertower, and the roundabout which defies road rules. of a weekend afternoon, swansea residents enjoy spectating at the local footy and cheering on their town's heroes.
"Lets go down to the Swansea service station for an ice-cream sandwich"
by lilbear May 10, 2006
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